Golden Hill UMC will reopen for in-person worship on Sunday, May 16th. Please register behorehand. We look forward to seeing you!
Golden Hill United Methodist Church
Saturday, June 19, 2021
An Open and Affirming Congregation

Meet Our Staff




Rev. Rhonda Taylor, Senior Pastor

(203) 336-0152 ext.301



Melodye Merola, Director of Outreach Ministry                                                                    

(203) 336-0152 ext.302

Melodye is responsible for a number of program ministries here at Golden Hill. They include youth ministry, our community supper, evangelism, prayer ministry and Christian spiritual formation.


Daniel Petitt, Director of Music Ministry                                                                              

(203) 336-0152 ext.303                                                                      


Kamisha Edwards, Administrative Assistant

(203) 336-0152

  Lawrence Sistrunk, Sexton (weekend)


Jorge Moreno, Sexton (weekdays)

(203) 336-0152

Jorge is responsible for the cleanliness and maintenance of the church facility and grounds.



Mr. Bergeau Pierre, Parking Attendant  

(203) 336-0152 
Bergeau is attentive to the people, church building and surrounding areas while the church property is in use.